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Skull and Panel Mounts
     European skull mounts are an excellent choice for a unique look.  Skulls can be mounted on a solid oak wall or desk top plaque, driftwood, or a rock base.  Your skull will be 100% cleaned, degreased, and whitened.
European                       Antler Mounts                 Turkey Beard/Tail
Whitetail   -$150           Whitetail   -$95                  $95 plus plaque
Mule        -$160           Mule Deer -$115             Many options on plaque
Antelope  -$160            Elk          -$200
Most Rams-$170
Elk           -$250
*European and antler mounts include plaque or driftwood base.
*Prices subject to change without notice.
*Please contact us for species not listed.
Graphic Printing  
Camo,  Wo0d Grain,  & Marble/Stone.   Let us create something unique for you.  Contact us for pricing as many options are available.
    You Will Love This!!!
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All plaques on European, antler, and turkey tail mounts are solid wood.  Synthetic wood  imitations, particle board, or fiber core panels will not be used.  If your just looking for something cheap you would be best served by looking elsewhere.  I could even recommend some cheap taxidermists for you.
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