Fur  and  Feather  Taxidermy,  LLC - Wildlife Artistry by Ronnie Wittner
Lifesize mounts brings out the ultimate in wildlife appreciation.  Up close and personal with wild animals like you never seen makes you appreciate their beauty.   One of the more time consuming type of mounts but also the most enjoyable.
PricingLifesize Mounts
Bobcat -$650                  Coyote      -$900              Beaver   -$700
Fox      -$650                  Squirrels   -$300             Raccoon  -$700
Deer     -$2500+              Black Bear -$600/ft          Otter      -$700
Goats   -$2800+              Sheep       -$2500+          Badger    -$650
*Pricing includes supportive base for small mammals.  Custom habitats extra.
*Open mouth poses are $100 extra.
*Pricing subject to change without notice.
 Tanned Skins - professionally tanned to soft & supple
Deer/Antelope -$160 full skin                  Bobcat -$195 lifesize
Cow/Steer      -$25/sq. ft. full skin          Fox      -$195 lifesize
Moose/Elk       -$22/sq. ft.  full skin         Beaver  -$260 lifesize,no tail
 Coyote                   -$225 lifesize                                                 -$225full skin
*Pricing subject to change without notice.                                
Please contact us for species not listed.
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