Fur  and  Feather  Taxidermy,  LLC - Wildlife Artistry by Ronnie Wittner
Birds allow the most selection in available poses.  Head, neck, wings, and legs must be manually posed in some position so the choices are many.  Clip and collect bird pictures from hunting magazines and most likely it can be duplicated.
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Pheasants -$300          Geese Ross    -$350   Canada -$400
Ducks       -$300                  Snow  -  $400     Greater -$450
Dove        -$250+                Speckle- $400
Quail        -$250
*Includes driftwood base.
*Pricing subject to change without notice.
*Please contact us for species not listed.
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Most all birds are regulated by state and/or federal authorities.  Make sure yours is legally harvested and be prepared for lots of paperwork.  Fur and Feather Taxidermy has all USFW Service permits to handle your migratory birds.
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