Fur  and  Feather  Taxidermy,  LLC - Wildlife Artistry by Ronnie Wittner
Between 10-15 different measurements are taken before, during, and after skinning your trophy to ensure accurate replication.  Each foam mannikin is custom altered to meet those measurements, muscles deepened,  veins raised, and eye expression sculpted to bring your trophy to life.   Capes are fully tanned to ensure longevity - not just dry preserved.

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Pricing: Shoulder Mounts
Whitetail -  $525        Mule Deer- $650             Elk/Stag-$1200
Pronghorn-$550        Black Bear-$650             Elk-$1300 bugling
Steer      -$1500       Wild Hog   -$700            Javelina-$650
Auodad-$650             Blackbuck-$550              Corsican- $550
Axis     -$600             Fallow     -$600              Hawaian-$550
Sika     -$550             Bobcat    -$250              Dall       -$575
Mouflon-$575             Gazelle   -$650               Impala   -$650
Nyala   -$900                      Sable    -$1100                       Oryx      -$850
*Open mouth poses are +$100.
*Pedestal mounts are $125 extra + base.
*Pricing subject to change without notice.
*Please contact us for species not listed.
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Our company is based on the belief that our customer's satisfaction is of the utmost importance.  We  are committed to meeting those beliefs.  As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
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